A lot of people have worries and fears about visiting a new church.  We understand that.  Here is some information that will help ease your mind and make you a bit more comfortable when you visit our church.

Is your church a member affiliated with the United Methodist? 

The Third Street Methodist Church is committed to Christ-centered, Bible based Methodism with local autonomy. We are not affiliated with the United Methodist Church or any Methodist organization.

What's the Service Like? 

Our worship services are informal, but inspiring. Dress however you feel comfortable. You will notice everyone dresses from traditional church clothes to office casual to jeans and sneakers. During our worship services you'll experience a blend of traditional hymns with  contemporary praise selections.

Do I have to stand up and introduce myself?

When you come to worship, we won't embarrass or hassle you.  You'll just join us on our journey of learning more about God, his amazing love and grace through Christ, and learn practical ways that we  translate all of this into a better life day by day.

I don't like long sermons...

The sermons are not too long!  They are filled with practical insights from God's Word that you will use to enjoy a fuller life. Pastor Dean's messages are solidly Biblical and are delivered in a very enthusiastic style.

What time do you start? 

Our morning service starts at 11am.  However we have Sunday school at 10:00 am and you'd be most welcome!

Our worship services generally just a bit over an hour. Afterward, you can head straight home or you can hang around and visit, which many people choose to do. It's your choice.

Most of all, you can expect to experience God in a powerful and meaningful way!