Guidelines for Re-Opening on June 14, 2020

Following the Second Great Commandment, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself (Mark 12:31), we as a church are implementing precautions that will protect our church family as well as ourselves. Since our only goal is the health and welfare of each and every one of  our congregation, we feel these steps will enhance our service experience and bring about a greater feeling of security and comfort knowing we are doing all we can to ensure the safety of those we love and call our neighbors.

  • Before welcoming us back, the church building we all love has been thoroughly cleaned to protect all our precious friends, many of whom have pre-existing conditions. In addition, for your convenience, safety, and peace of mind, the hand sanitizing stations have been filled and are at your disposal.
  • If we have church family members who do not feel comfortable returning to an in-church service, please know that there are options available for you to involved. We will continue to post services online on the church's YouTube page as well as the church's website. We will also mail a CD recorded with the service to anyone who wants one.
  • We know everyone has their own face mask, but the church would like to make face masks available for all our church family. In the unlikely event someone forgets to bring their face mask, church masks will be at the ready to provide that little extra layer of security and safety. To help our church family choose seats that are a safe distance from each other, designated pews have been left open. Signage posted throughout the sanctuary will guide you to these pews.
  • We know this goes without saying, but in the excitement of seeing our church friends, please remember we cannot hug, shake hands or hold another's hand. These seemingly harmless actions could compromise the health of one of our church neighbors.
  • We understand the camaraderie of Sunday School is being missed, and it will resume a soon as possible. Additionally, we love our little ones in the nursery, and we will again open the nursery as soon as it is deemed safe.
  • As hard as it is to imagine for our church family, potluck lunches will have to be paused for the foreseeable feature. This also includes the pot of coffee that is normally shared before church each week.
  • To provide a greater level of security and safety, the hymnals, Bibles, and all printed materials have been temporarily removed from the pews. The bulletin, as well as the words to the hymns, will be projected on the front wall.
  • The restrooms will be open for your convenience. Out of respect for those following you, wipes will be provided to clean all surface areas touched.

Following the Second Greatest Commandment may have its challenges, but keeping mindful of the health needs and issues of our neighbors in preparation for a non-touch experience will lead to a safe and enduring future of or members.